Deokpo Beach Clean- up

Giving your time is often the best way you can give back to your community. Keeping this in mind, we along with International school of Koje (ISK) have organized several Deokpo beach clean ups campaigns. The Deokpo beach is the closest beach to the bustling town of Okpo. Having a wide beach line and great view, this beach is often a neglected strip of land with several debris lying around. To make this beautiful beach open to community use, we carry out several beach cleanup campaigns each year. The group that participates is very diverse ranging from children to regular volunteers along with residents around Deokpo, Okpo, Gohyeon, Aju and other areas of Geoje Island.

The beach cleanup campaigns not only help in keeping the beach clean, they also bring together the community giving people a chance to interact with each other and help children recognize the importance of ecology. Because a community that cleans together, stays together!