Q. How can I join the classes at GIC?

A. To join the classes at GIC, you first need to be a member. Once you have the membership, you are entitled to attend any of the classes that interest you. The center, however, allows for you to take a trial class (any one) before deciding on the further course without the membership also.
** Individual class have an additional cost of 5000 W. Kindly check the class schedule before committing.

Q. How do I acquire the GIC membership?

A. To become a member at GIC, you have to visit the center Information desk. All you have to do is provide us with a few basic details, and we will carry out the remaining formalities. You will also be issued with a GIC membership card, which you have to produce at the center Info Desk whenever you visit us.

Q What is the cost of membership?

A. The cost of membership varies depending upon the duration you select.

  • For duration up to 6 months and below – 30,000 W
  • For duration between 6 months and 12 months – 50,000 W

Q What does the membership include?

A. The GIC membership offers a wide array of advantaged for its members. These include the following:-

  • Attending the various classes and events at GIC
  • Renting out the many books and DVDs from the center library at no cost
  • Usage of the GIC facility for recreation and play dates for children
  • Discount at Samsung Hotel, on presenting the valid GIC membership card

Q. Is it possible for me to teach a class at GIC?

A. Yes, you are most definitely welcome to teach at GIC. If you have a special talent that you would like to share and have the capability to deal with students, then all you have to do is to either email us or visit the center Information desk. We can help you schedule a class depending on the existing schedule and also advertise your class through our various portals.

Q. Can I volunteer at the center?

A. The center is always encouraging candidates to volunteer with us, in their spare time. You can volunteer with us in the following ways:-

  • By teaching a class at the center
  • By helping out with GIC events
  • By donating items such as souvenirs, books, DVDs, kitchenware, games and toys for children and infants, and other items of household use.
  • By making donations to the center
  • By contributing to Geoje News (A monthly magazine published by the center)

Q. What activities does GIC offer for children?

A. We offer many classes for children such as art – drawing, ballet, play dates etc. You can take a look at our schedule as sometimes more new classes are introduced. If you need any other information, you can visit us at the center or write to us.

Q. Can I bring my child with me to attend a class?

A. You can bring your child to attend a class, depending upon the nature of the class. You can speak to the class teacher about the same.

Q. Is it possible for me to leave my child in the play room while I attend the class?

A. The center does not encourage you to leave your child unattended at the center. If you have someone to overlook your child in the playroom while you attend the class, you are free to do so.

Q. How can I contribute to Geoje News?

A. You can contribute to Geoje News either by contributing articles for the magazine or you can help us with being on-board the editing team. We are always looking for volunteers who want to share their ideas and interests with us. You can join the Geoje News team as copy editors, proof readers, creative graphics and writers.

Q. Can I advertise in Geoje News?

A. You can most definitely advertise in Geoje News. You did not have a GIC membership to advertise with Geoje News. You can approach the Help desk for details regarding the cost of advertising in Geoje News. The requirement form can be made available at the center. Please note that you need to provide us with creative for the advertisement. The center will not be involved in the designing.

Q. How do I join the GIC Tour?

A. Becoming a part of the GIC Tour does not require you to have a GIC membership. You can refer to the GIC Tour club for more details.

Q. Can I use the GIC room for some private function that I wish to hold?

A. Yes, you can do so. If you are interested to book the GIC room for a private function, you can approach the GIC help desk for more information regarding the same or you can also email us and we will get back to you.