Geoje International Photo Festival

The dawn of 27th November, 2015 marked the start of one of the most prestigious events organized by the center: The Geoje International Photo Festival. This photography festival was a one of kind experience that bought together photographers and collectors from all around the Korean peninsula. It provided a platform to professional and amateurs to display their photographs, meet other photographers and to talk more about their work. The exhibition had 150 photographs for viewing along with some more for sale with participants being both locals and foreigners living all over South Korea, making it the most popular photography events held in Geoje.

There were multiple workshops conducted at the event, inviting amateurs and professionals alike to learn and advance their photography skills. Joshua Herrin, Pete DeMarco and Debbie Collins conducted individual seminars on photo editing techniques, portrait photography, camera cleaning tips and black and white conversion and Lightroom ideas exchange. In a room full of amateur, hobbyist and professional photographers, DeMarco shared Lightroom techniques and how every photographer’s process differs from the other. The experienced users then shared further tips with others in separate groups, so each participant could learn as much as they could from the workshop.

The photo festival turned out to be a great occasion to meet new photographers, some more experienced, some in the initial learning stage who were nonetheless enthusiastic about the opportunity at hand. The festival attracted most of the foreigners living in Geoje as well as some who traveled all the way from different cities such as Seoul, Busan and Daejon.