South Korea is known for its beautiful green hillside, centuries old Buddhist temples, coastal fishing villages, tropical islands and high tech cities like Seoul. So, if you are new to South Korea or haven’t explored much of this beautiful country, it’s not too late to start!

What is the GIC Tour Club?

The GIC tour club offers exclusive tours of Geoje island and nearby places. The purpose of the Tour is to explore all the main attractions of Korea one at a time revelling in the rich culture of the country. You can experience Korea with GIC tour club while meeting new people, sharing your experiences and having loads of fun.

How are the tours conducted?

The tours are generally conducted twice a month, mostly on Saturdays. The members interested to be a part of the tour meet at an assigned time and place and we pick off from there. Most of the trips are day trips, beginning in the morning and finishing off by afternoon or evening depending on the location of visit.

What is the plan of the Tour club?

We will generally plan out the yearly itinerary and put it across. You can plan out the days on which you would like accompany us in advance with the help of the itinerary. Most of the club activities begin in late February and continue until the end of the year. (For GIC club itinerary Click here )