Popularly known as the “Blue City” Geoje Island (often called as Koje) is the second largest island in South Korea after Jeju Island. Located on the southern coast of Gyeongsangnam-do province, it is connected to the mainland by the 8km Busan-Geoje Fixed Link bridge which includes an under the sea tunnel, the architecture and engineering of which is a fascination in itself. The island has several villages and townships, scattered across its coastline, the largest two being Okpo on the eastern coast and Gohyeon on the western coast. Outside the realms of these two settlements, is an extensive coast line housing beautiful calm beaches with pristine clear waters and high cliffs offering panoramic views of the island.

The island has quite an interesting history, being one of the major advantages to the Korean naval forces under the Japanese invasion of 1592- 1598 Imjin War. United under Admiral Yi Sun-sin, Korean armour-plated turtle ships successfully repelled Japanese attackers from taking the Jeolla region. Goeje island was also used a Prisoner of war camp for the Chinese and North Korean prisoners during the Korean war of 1950 – 1953 where nearly 170,000 men and women were housed.

Today, the island is a shipbuilding powerhouse for Samsung and DSME and is known to have one of the highest income levels in South Korea.

While you are living in Geoje, you can spend your weekends and leisure time exploring this scenic island. Here’s a list of interesting sights to see, places to visit and activities to do while you are living in Geoje.