Learn More about Our World

One of the most dynamic parts of living in Geoje is the huge diversity of the community that resides on the Island, courtesy of the ship yards. There are people from different countries, cultures and race that lend Geoje its unique identity. To spread awareness about the diverse cultures, Koje College along with the association of GIC organized a “Learn more about our world” program at the center. The students with the assistance of Professor David Hillstromi picked up a different country each and studied the culture, language, food, clothing, lifestyle and various aspects of the particular country. They then presented their studies at the center in front of an enthusiastic audience and an expert’s panel. The program ended with a short Q&A sessions both from the students and the audience to talk more about the countries they represented.

The ‘Learn More about our World’ was a great event to support cultural diversity and to know more about different people and their lives from across the globe. It was also a great way of interaction between the local students and the expats residing on the Island.