Wine Tasting Festival

What is more relaxing than a cool evening with a glass of wine? Add to that a bunch of friends and you have the perfect evening ahead! That’s what we had in mind when we planned to organize a wine tasting festival at the center. The island has a huge French community and a couple of members agreed to volunteer to help set up the event. The Wine Tasting Festival saw a wide range of wines being produced from the customary range of red wines and white wines along with some burgundy wine and of course champagne. Accompanying the wine was a delectable range of cheese, breads and meats that suit the wine perfectly.

The festival was attended by a huge crowd including both the locals and the foreigners. The evening was welcomed lovingly by all wine connoisseurs and for the non-drinkers there was a delightful spread of some French gourmet cuisine to satisfy their palate. All in all the evening was a pleasant one spent with some friends, gourmet food and of course a glass of wine!